Recent Work

Personal Finance Tracker

Responsive web app built with Python's Django framework, Pandas, and Bokeh. Deployed with PythonAnywhere.

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The Recipe Box

Responsive web app built with JavaScript, HTML/CSS, SASS, and using LocalStorage for data persistence rather than a database, per the assignment's instructions. Recipe cards are generated dynamically, allowing for future database implementation.

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Monte Hall Problem Simulator

This desktop application allows users to test this well-known probability puzzle for themselves. Users can play individual rounds of "Let's Make a Deal", making switching decisions manually, or they can simulate 500 games at a time for definitive proof of the counterintuitive results. Developed with Python and a TKinter GUI.


About Me

I love the creative process and have a passion for building things -- both digital and physical. I left a successful management career to return to school in order to find and pursue my passions. I finished school with a 3.92 GPA and a CIS Degree, a Computer Languages Diploma, and certificates for Java, Python, and SQL.

I have experience with JavaScript, Python, Java, and C#, though I am a quick learner who loves to pick up new skills as needed.

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